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Rubik's Time

This is a clean, flat design Rubik's cube timer I made. I made it because I got fed up with the ugly/cluttered look of other timers. I also made it so I could include unique features, such as a line graph of all solves over time. It took a long time to make, and is definitely the hardest & most complicated thing I have done. The mobile version is not completely working yet. I have started work on a multiplayer version, where you can time people simultaneously and see the winner.


This program shows you what a resistor with a specific ohm's and tolerance looks like. It is great for electronics/hobby projects. To make it, I had to actually edit SVG's with JavaScript (a new experience for me!). I also had to work out a complex algorithm for finding the multiplier band.


This is a prime generator I made using JavaScript. I used arrays, for loops and many other things to develop a quick and efficient algorithm for finding primes. This is one of my first expreiments with JavaScript.


My Website (you are on it right now). I made this website as a portfolio for my work.


This is a website I made with no particular purpose, other than to look cool.