iOS iConify

This is a service I made for adding websites to the home screen on Apple devices. When websites don’t specify an icon and you add them to the home screen you get an ugly and badly sized screenshot. But not anymore! With iOS iConify, simply specify an icon image and voilà - your home screen doesn’t look ugly anymore. I made this using Javascript. I had to make a script which took all the variable parameters from a url. I thought I would share it with the public so if you want to utilise it in your projects you can here. At the moment I am working on letting the user upload images as well as image liks.

Rubik's Time

This is a clean, flat design Rubik’s cube timer I made. I made it because I got fed up with the ugly/cluttered look of other timers. I also made it so I could include unique features, such as a line graph of all solves over time. It took a long time to make, and is definitely the hardest and most complicated thing I have done. The mobile version is not completely working yet. I have started work on a multiplayer version, where you can time people simultaneously and see the winner.


This program shows you what a resistor with a specific ohm’s and tolerance looks like. It is great for electronics/hobby projects. To make it, I had to actually edit SVG’s with JavaScript (a new experience for me!). I also had to work out a complex algorithm for finding the multiplier band.


This is a prime generator I made using JavaScript. I used arrays, for loops and many other things to develop a quick and efficient algorithm for finding primes. This is one of my first expreiments with JavaScript.


My Website (you are on it right now). I made this website as a portfolio for my work.


This is a website I made with no particular purpose, other than to look cool.

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