The Neon Lab

This was a fun platformer that I made. While the physics seem kind of strange and the graphics are an assortment of colored rectangles, they have been made like that to give you a feeling of freedom. Use the arrow keys to move around. The different colors of rectangles represent different things: the red is you, the orange in normal ground (you can go horizontally but not vertically through it), the yellow kills you, and you must touch the blue to get to the next stage. I am making a sequel of this called the Xenon lab (Xenon is by far the most awesome noble gas, right?).

Flying Barbecue

A humorous version of flappy bird. Press space to go upwards (you can hold it down). I have made a harder version since then.

Lithium OS [BETA]

This is an early release for a simulated operating system: Lithium OS. Some apps are not yet finished. Also, I know it is very pixelated, but I am working on making it vector. The username is your Scratch username (if you don’t have one or are not logged in, just use the username ‘guest’). The password is 12345 (great password, right?). FUN FACT: The element lithium has an atomic weight of just 6.94. In comparison, the element bismuth has an atomic weight of 208.98!

Color Scheme Picker

This was a project I made to help me with my logos, and also other people. Press the up/down arrows to change the color harmony type. Press the left/right arrows to rotate the color wheel. Once you have chosen a suitable color scheme, click show colors to use them.

ıllıllı Graphic Visualizer ıllıllı

This is a graphic visualizer I made. Don’t ask me why I put a weird looking thing resembling an orange slice in the middle. All you need to do is speak or turn on some music. (NOTE: for this project to work properly, you must have your microphone turned on)